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The cookies look delicious!!! Glad you got to enjoy them with your friends.....the real ones...tee hee....Did someone video this dancing routine?

Absolutely Tokyo!

If I promise to go hiking with you, would you bake me some pecan cookies? Those look sooooo delicious!

Yeah, when friends stand you up, it's the pits! Why do people do that kind of stuff? Annoying, to say the least, especially when you've gone to a lot of work and made some nice plans! They deserved to lose out on your home-baked cookies!


That stinks about the people cancelling....aren't they the people you did your Japan tour with? Quite honestly, I feel (from reading your posts of the trip and afterward) that you gave them your best efforts and they continue to be rude. They don't deserve your cookies, which look delicious.


It's definitely their loss.....and your gain. Look fantastic and hope if you do give them another chance, they appreciate it!


your cookies look great and too bad for those "friends", they don't know what fun they missed!


hi amy, i read your blog very often to look for inspiration on what to cook. My most challenging task though is adapting your dinners into a vegetarian meal in India :-)
I tried this recipe but did not have pecans, so put walnuts instead and then rolled them in sugar and cinnamon powder. YUM YUM also

Kamaboko kid

Looks like uncancelable cookies. They would actually be worth climbing for.


Hey there,

Have browsed your blog before on numerous occasions, admiring the fantastic pictures of fantastic recipes which I'll learn how to make one day hopefully! You are an inspiration ;)


Your cookies look gorgeous! Next time I'm at Costco, I will buy myself a bag of pecans and give these cookies a shot! Thanks!

About the friends who cancelled, it's totally their loss! You were kind enough to bake homemade delicious looking cookies. You sound like a wonderful kind friend!

Glad your night was not ruined and you sound like you had a blast! : )


Thanks Carlyn! I hope to god nobody got that on tape. Some things are better forgotten...

Absolutely Tokyo, I'd definitely bake you cookies! And I'm really overdue for a hike.

Anne, you're right. It's not worth putting any more effort into those relationships anymore. Such a shame, becuase it's SO hard to make friends in Japan. The accepted wisdom is that friends are made here mainly through shared, intense experiences. Which is kind of what I though happened with these people...

Thanks Fiona. I just wish I had more willpower, and didn't finish the cookies off in 3 days!

Thank you Kat!

Sejal, thank you! Vegitarian in India... I guess a lot of what I cook would be hard to do. Very glad the cookies turned out with walnuts. They reminded me of snowball cookies, which are made with almonds. So I think I'll try this recipe with almonds next time. Cinammon sugar sounds like a fantastic addition!

Kamaboko kid, thanks! If you ever climb Mt. Fuji, stop by my place first! I'll set you up with some cookies.

Thank you Indy!

Gina, thanks a lot. I'm very grateful for having friends to go dancing with. Sure beat moping around at home!
Hope you find the pecans. Thank god for Costco!

Dana Koyama

WARNING These cookies may cause your get together to be cancelled! (Just kidding )
I was supposed to go to a new (Japanese) friend's house today, and thought these would be good to bring as a thank you. Well, it got cancelled. I was a little dissapointed, but the cookies were a good consolation prize! LOL Turned out delish the first time! YUM!! Thanks so much for the recipe!!!!


Dana, that's too funny!! This recipe is cursed! OK, it's too bad about your get-together being canceled, but what a coincidence.
I'm really glad you like the recipe, and your cookie looks great (why just one in the pic? Did you finish the others already??). And I bet you had no problem finding pecans!


These are a big hit here on the Texas Gulf-Coast.

We love pecans anyway down here. Pecan pie, pecan wood smoked meats, pralines, etc. The second day of Fall brought a cool breeze to the air here and I knew I had to make these.

I'm glad you shared. They were wonderfully popular here in our home tonight. I have three more and a cup of fresh coffee waiting on the bed-table when I am done posting.

Considering the curse on them, I wisely made no plans at all. I had all the items needed and had prepared them on the side as I cooked dinner...and found that some of the produce I had bought earlier at the market was now missing a town away--probably overlooked as I loaded the trunk up. So I had to let them sit as I made a quick trip to a closer grocery to pick up (again) the apples and the onions and the peaches and the lettice. (sighs)

Got back and finished dinner, and proceeded to mix the cookies up. I have strong hands, but it's funny how fast they tire stirring a cookie mix with a simple fork. Sheesh.

Got three dozen out of the batch (we make things bigger here in Texas). Baked them on parchment paper instead of greased pans, and even though I stuck the 1/2 pecan on top, they still seemed to call for a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Your cooking amazes me. It is so simple yet so elegant. Thank you again for sharing your skills!


Claus, thank you! What a lovely comment. Glad these cookies get the Texas seal of approval!

So do you always drink coffee before bed??


Decaf! And nothing relaxes me more after a crazy day then pulling up my bedside chair, having my daughter and wife snuggle into bed, and reading the next chapter of whatever book we read nightly together. (Usually Harry Potter.)

Even though our daughter is almost 13 now, we have been doing this for many years and it has become our most cherished "family time" when we can relax, reconnect and just enjoy our precious time together as a family.

Cookies and coffee and reading a good story are wonderful compliments for me in this moment.

There were four cookies left this morning on my way out the door...I don't expect them to be there when I get back from work tonight!

Another batch this weekend? Maybe!


Aha! Decaf. It hardly exists here in Japan, so I'd kind of forgotten about its existence. The reading in bed together sounds fun!

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